What Questions to ask a Psychic ?

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Asking a psychic the right questions, in the right way, goes a long way in helping you maximize the results. It also helps you establish if getting a reading is necessary. Despite being incredibly talented, psychics have different gifts. So, asking the rights questions also ensures you connect fast with your ideal reader. Below are common questions that you should ask your psychic and how to frame them;

1. Can you advise on (your crucial area)?
This question is good for two reasons; first, it is open-ended, and as such helps you get as many much information as possible on the issues and, second, it helps you find out if they are suited for your problem area. The reader can then ask you some questions before delivering their reading. In most cases psychics see specific points of your question, pick the main ones and advise you accordingly.

2. What changes should I make to improve on (an important area of your life)?
This question suits someone who is going through a difficulty and would like to change things for the better. However, even if everything is going on well in your life, the answers to this question can help you avoid unforeseen predicaments. Note that you should ask this question in such a way that it emphasizes on what you can do as opposed to what should inevitably expect. The answer you get from your reader will help you a great deal, so, note them down, and take steps to implement the recommendations.

3. Why is (an aspect of your life) going through a hard time?
Avoid the natural temptation to ask reassurance questions such as, Should I get a divorce? You should not form an opinion about your situation and then proceed to ask your reader for reassurance. Such a mindset is not ideal for psychic advice. So, instead, ask; why is my marriage suffering? Why are my financial fortunes dwindling? And so on. Questions starting with “Should I,” creates the impression of a resigned attitude, basically eradicating the chance for your psychic to assess the consequences of your actions.

4. How am I currently restricting or harming myself?
If you have limited time and would like to get to the core of your problem fast, this question is ideal. Sometimes failing to take action can lead to more problems. So, let the psychic point out to you that which you should do to overcome the obstacles you are facing. Follow the guideline dutifully, and you will remain ahead of the game. The question also suits someone who feels something is wrong but is unsure what it is or what they should do.
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Psychics differ, and as such, you should ensure you connect with one who best suits you. Additionally, to connect fast and honestly with your reader, talk openly. Depending on your issue, it is also important to be physically present because a psychic reading is an intimate experience that requires closeness and ample time. With these factors in place, a meaningful connection will develop in record time allowing you to forge properly for energy to coalesce.


After you start talking to an advisor, make deliberate efforts to remain on track to obtain solutions to your love, relationships, fortune, life problems or any other issue. Also, ask the above questions and avoid leading questions. Don’t ask for names, when or how something will happen. Most psychics don’t give specifics like that so frame your questions suitably.

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