Psychic Readings Online: What You Need to Know!

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There are individuals offering psychic readings over the Internet. Some are genuine, but unfortunately, some are only interested in making a quick buck. When your only communications with the individual are online, it is hard to figure out who is the real deal and who is a scam artist. There are a few helpful pieces of information that can help you find an authentic reader, however.

Working with a company vs a freelance Psychic

First, look to see whether the reader is operating on their own or in conjunction with a company. Do not assume that simply because a person is with a company that they must be real. It is surprisingly easy to fake an entire company, just like a psychic reader can fake their individual credentials. Still, if the reader is with a company, research it well to see if there is any information out there on it. You may be able to pull up user reviews or determine whether the company has a refund process. You can also do the appropriate research on an individual as well.

If you are considering working with an individual, ask the person for references. If they are legitimate, they should have no problem giving you a few names of clients that are pleased with their services. If they can’t do this, that should be a huge red flag.

If you are thinking of going with a company instead, inquire as to how they hire their workers. Do they have a testing process to help determine the legitimacy of their psychic readers? If not, you want to look elsewhere. In addition, as was mentioned before, ask about the refund policy. Make sure you keep a record of any readings that you have. This information could come in handy if you feel a refund is owed to you.

How psychic readings work in the online world

When you receive an online reading, it will probably take place either through email or through a chat room. Chats rooms are nice because you can communicate in real time with the reader. It almost mimics an in-person situation. As the reading is happening, the client can ask for more information or mention anything that is puzzling them. Email readings also have their benefits. You don’t have to schedule a specific time; you simply open up your email and the reading is there. If you have a question, you can send a follow-up email. It is very low key for both the client and the reader.

Benefits of chat readings

There are a number of benefits to getting an online reading instead of a phone reading. First, it is much less expensive. You simply pay for a particular amount of time. Usually, the amount owe is less than a hundred dollars for a chat room reading and approximately half that for an email reading. In addition, there are a lot of Internet readers out there. They are available twenty four hours a day. Still, you must be aware that the potential to get scammed is very real. If your reader is does not have a refund policy or is very vague, you should be on guard. In addition, if you have trouble finding contact information or do not receive any references, you should look elsewhere.


Online psychic readings are nice because you can get the information that you need whenever you need it. You are also much more likely to do the research necessary to ensure that the reader is not a scam artist. A number of clients also indicate that they like online readings better than phone readings because the quality is better; they are happier in general with the information they receive. If you want a psychic reading, you should consider getting it over the Internet.

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