How to find a legit & accurate Psychic Empath!

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Out on the Internet, you will find many, many people who claim to be skilled psychics, however, if you have any experience dealing with several of these so-called psychics, you already know that many of them are nothing more than scam artists. In this article, we will show you how you can spot a scam artist so you will be able to find a real one. Because psychics do work!

How do scam artists operate?

Scam artists usually use general information that could apply to just about anybody. For example, a fake psychic could say, “I can sense a great disappointment in your past.” However, if you take your common sense with you and not leave it at the door, you know that there’s no one in this world who has never been disappointed before.

  • When it comes to love readings, scammers try to be specific without getting into details. For example, they could say that there’s going to be a man whose name starts with a letter J, M, or S, but really now, those letters are really the most common initials of names for both men and women. Fake psychics often take cue from their target’s body language to tell things that would make them seem like people with real psychic abilities.
  • Scammers will also play on the fear and guilt of their targets by telling them that they have a curse around them or that they have a lot of karma carried over from their past lives. They will then recommend cheap products for “cleansing” and then force their targets to buy expensive products to get rid of the cheap items that were used for cleansing.
  • Real and ethical psychics, however, will not tell you things to make you afraid or make you feel guilt. Neither will they force you to buy products from them. They’d rather focus on making you a happy customer.

So, what do real psychics do? Real psychics point out issues, tendencies and patterns that are affecting your life right now (relationship patterns for example). Although they may tell you things about your future, they will always stress that the future can be changed by the choices you make now. Some of them may recommend cleansing baths and crystals but they will never force you to buy them.

Real psychics will make you feel that you are in charge of your life and that there’s something that you can do about your life right now.


As you can see from above, finding a real psychic requires that you test different psychics. This would be no problem if all the psychics you meet offer their first hour for free. Most of them, however, charge by the hour right away. In this case, you really have no choice but to trust your intuition. If you feel “heavy” when you look at a website, there’s a chance that the in-house psychic is a scam artist or a real psychic but is an unethical one.

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