Different Psychic Reading Types

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When contacting a psychic, the different readings they offer can seem overwhelming. Learning each type of reading’s basics can make your upcoming psychic reading session a more enjoyable experience.

What’s in your Cards?

Tarot card readings are very popular psychic readings. At one of these card readings, the psychics ask for your energy to be focused into their cards. Then, they choose the cards. The cards that they choose, along with their positions in your session, affects the reading. Modern card readings most of the modern psychic readers now use usually involve 22 of the major arcane cards, along with 55 of the minor arcane cards.

When do your stars align?

Astrology readings involve the psychics using your birthday to tell you which direction your own life is going to go. This reading develops predictions from star and planet placements. There are many different kinds of astrology these astrologists can use for their readings. Some astrology examples include Western, Indian, and Chinese.

The magic power of numbers…

Numerology is a similar psychic reading focusing on birth dates. Your psychic uses numbers that are related to that significant date to find the number that your personality is associated with. For instance, someone with seven as their number is under Neptune’s control. As for their character, they will have an idealistic nature.

May I read your fate line?

Palm readings are also popular psychic readings. These psychics look at palms to provide information about a client’s unique personality. They use details like the lines that run along their hands, their hand’s shape, and their fingers to provide accurate readings with plenty of life information. These lines along the hand provide many insights into the personality of their client. The can also be used to provide details about their future and destiny. Their life line provides information about their life’s length, the heart lines provides some clues about their love life, and their head line gives them information into their client’s personality type. There are other lines on the hands that are important, too. These include the fame line, fate line, sex line, marriage line, travel line, luck line, money line, and spirit line. Palm readers have the ability to read some special markings that are in these lines on the hands, and they can figure out what the depths and lengths of these lines actually mean in regards to your life.

Casting Runes – An Ancient Tradition!

There are also extra services some psychics offer known as rune readings. Runes have existed for several thousand years and they have shown some mystical characteristics. These readings usually involve 24 runes that are prepared within a spread. The spreads vary quite a lot. They all include the traditional rune spread. A traditional spread consists of runes depicting the present, the past, and the future. The rune materials affect the readings, as well. Stone, gold, wood, and ceramic runes can be used for answering different questions in life.

Your aura is glowing!

Aura readings are another type of reading that a psychic can conduct. These readings involve the psychic providing an interpretation of a person’s aura. Auras are the color outlines that emanate from a person’s physical being. Each person has a different one. They can also vary in size, shape, and color. Psychics can sense or see people’s auras, and then they interpret them.


If you wish to find some specific insight or advice, you need to see a psychic with an emphasis on a single or a couple specialties. Some readings need to be done in person, but many of them can be long-distance readings. These are readings that can be done online or over the phone. No matter which psychic reading is chosen, you can now marvel at the details and insights of your life that the psychic can provide you with.

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