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Understanding My Clairvoyant Readings – A Story

Growing up in a rather strict and very religious Roman Catholic household, the idea of clairvoyance and parapsychology was not something I was allowed to entertain. In fact, numerology and astrology wasn’t looked on with much enthusiasm either; although I still took all those online tests and read my horoscope on a daily basis. I don’t live my life according to the Daily Horoscope that pops up on my Facebook wall, it’s just silly; but I still hold an interest in clairvoyance.

When I left home I decided to enter the performing arts, much to my father’s disgust and disgrace. I wanted to become an artist and live in a land of bright colors and acoustic guitars; although the reality is a box room with constant traffic outside the window. Anyway, I still have my interest in clairvoyance and parapsychology, and I took it one step further when I finally lived on my own.

See, I always wanted to see a psychic; to actually be in one’s presence and feel their aura. I didn’t know what I was going to say or what was going to happen, but I knew it was going to be special. My friends laughed at me, but I knew that $30 for a half hour was worth something.

I did my research and made sure the woman I was visiting wasn’t a con artist. She was a registered member with the professional psychic association – yes, there really is a professional psychic association; it isn’t something I made up. Plus, she is registered to provide clairvoyant readings to the public as a registered business. So, I felt secure that I wasn’t about to be duped.

It was a stormy night, pretty much perfect for clairvoyance readings, and I was so excited! I knew that psychics are supposedly able to ‘see into the future’ so I had some questions about my life situation and where I should head from here. Of course, I wanted to record the session because she could provide some useful information; but I forgot my tape recorder and my mobile phone had died. It is important to determine whether you are allowed to tape the session beforehand because some clairvoyants prefer the clairvoyant readings are not taped.

Anyway, I entered the room and it was all colors with scarves and incense. I was over the moon; this was exactly what I wanted! I knew that not all clairvoyants had a setting like this, but I’m happy she did. She said she was a bohemian, but I think she just liked playing up to the stereotype of mystic clairvoyant readings with incense in the background.

I had my questions and we worked through them one by one, sort of. The aura was incredible and I left feeling enlightened. While I knew she had provided me with some answers to my situation, I also knew that the prediction she gave was by no means set in stone. Clairvoyants are not fatalistic and they don’t take away your free will; it’s up to you how or if you get to the setting they predict. I do hope my prediction comes true.

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