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Rider Waite Tarot Deck – A classic Reviewed!

There are many good reasons why the Rider Tarot deck is one of, if not the most, popular tarot decks in use today. It has brilliant, in depth pictures that allow for even novices to give fairly accurate readings. The key to their brilliance lays in the intuitive layouts and images, which for any empathic, or similarly talented person, can easily pick on and read. First published in 1910, this deck has been in use for over a century, and there is no sign of them falling out of notoriety. The name is derived from the Rider company, which were the first to publish the deck. It was created by the collaboration between the artist Pamela Colman Smith and the mystic A. E. Waite. In the last hundred years, it has become the epitome of what to use, by both beginners who are just learning, and by long time readers.

Some of the beast feature of the Rider tarot deck

Because of its age and simplicity, it is almost a universal deck. Most practitioners are familiar with the Rider tarot deck, and this sense of familiarity also helps in making it one of the easiest to read. The pictures on each card tell a story and, unlike other more artistic decks, it is a lot clearer to discern the meaning when laid out in a reading.

Possible disadvantages to using the Rider tarot

While its age and notoriety make it well known and used, for some, the images feel too outdated to give accurate readings in modern times. There are also readers who feel the olden images are too limiting in what they can convey. With modern times, come modern innovations, and for something that has not had an official remodel in decades, younger generations are growing a bit less enthralled.

Alternative decks for the Rider tarot

When it comes to naming alternatives for the Rider tarot, the choices are quite abundant. It all boils down one important factor for the user: Which deck speaks to you? Some may be drawn to using certain decks by the way they look and feel. Others just feel an inexplicable drawing to use a particular deck. Whatever the circumstance, any alternative to the standard in tarot is a matter of personal preference. There are many choices, all of which can yield interesting and enriching results.

For younger or shy beginners, the “Easy Tarot: Learn to read cards once and for all!” system is a set of cards and instructions that are sort of like flash card style tarots. They are great for teaching the basic symbolism behind the cards, while also providing beautiful and engaging artwork. When it comes to more personalized and richly colorful decks, the Witch and Dragon tarot decks are quite popular, as well as the Vampire decks, which all feature absolutely stunning artwork. The latter decks are meant for those who already know their cards and the basic meanings behind each one, as the stories and pictures illustrated on them are not always akin to the standard set in the Rider deck.

How can the Tarot be used for psychic readings?

Using the Tarot as a tool in psychic reading, is a way to point out the strengths of the person being read. Many times the Tarot will suggest that there is a way out of a bad situation, or that a potentially good or bad situation is on the horizon and we should be prepared to handle it. While the Tarot is about finding a balance in our lives, a psychic reader can obtain impressions about the person they are reading for by focusing on the cards and receiving information from the other side.

The 9 of Swords- indicates worry or a large concern. This is not necessarily an outside problem, but can also indicate a fear in ourselves that we need to handle. It is all about the worry we carry with us about our family, jobs, crime etc…. Remember this card is not about a problem that you are having, it is about you worrying about a problem that might come up. The 9 of swords tells us that we have the strength to overcome worry and it is something we need to do. What we dwell on and think about most, we draw closer to us. If we continue to dwell on the bad our lives will be filled with problems, I think we would all do better to dwell upon the good things we have or would like to bring into our lives.

It helps to visualize on a goal to bring good things into our lives. If you are working on having more money you could focus on the 6 of Pentacles for a few minutes every day and note how things will begin to turn around for you.

Strength is a card of courage and gaining it through love and compassion. A knowledge that all things are made stronger through acceptance and love. Courage means many things to many people. It can range from racing into a burning building to rescue someone, or simply getting dressed and taking a walk when you are so depressed you just want to stay in bed. Both of these things take the same amount of courage in the situation at hand. Strength tells us we should do the best we can to bring a balance to our lives.

The 10 of Swords is the most troublesome in the Tarot deck. This indicates that you are at the lowest point in your life. Yet a spark of good is to be seen because the appearance of this card in a psychic reading means that whatever horrible thing you have experienced is now over. You are now able to begin the journey back to where you want to be. The suit of swords in itself, depicts intelligence and the ability to think clearly. This means by using your intellect, you will be able to pull yourself out of a bad situation.

The 9 of Pentacles
depicts a woman who enjoys solitude, loves to take walks and loves animals. The beauty of nature keeps her centered and balanced. She is intelligent and her finances are stable because she is smart in all financial undertakings. This could come from a successful career choice or an inheritance that she has invested wisely. Her life is balanced and she is successful because of hard work and carefully planned goals.

The 9 of Coins
is also a lady with money and health. She is blessed with good fortune in the physical. She is alone because she works long hours and there is no time to develop relationships. She is an animal lover and enjoys the company of more than one pet. She is confident, intelligent, and if she decides she wants to develop relationships, friendly or romantic, she can attract others with no problem. She is in no rush down the aisle or to cultivate relationships.

The Tower is a warning that can bring good fortune in the long run. This card is a warning to see clearly the bad situation before you and act upon it to lessen chaotic effects. It is warning you to let go of the denial you have been harboring and build your life again, even if you must start from the beginning. Something must be torn down in order that it be built back up, stronger and better than before. To prevent a major catastrophe, you must restructure a large part of your life.

The Tarot is a powerful divination tool and can help you to see where your life is headed and the best path to take you there.

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