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Twin Flame vs Soul mate

Almost everyone moves through life with the hope that they’ll find their true love, the person who they are meant to spend their days with. Although some people believe that it’s possible to have more than one soul make, others are sure that you can only have one. In today’s culture, twin flames and soul mates have become very popular terms. It’s, therefore, important to know their differences.

What is a soulmate

As soul mate refers to someone whom you have a very important relationship with. This can be a lover, friend, or family member. Basically, it is anyone whom you feel attached with. A soul mate will not only help you evolve but also develop in life and your true self. They are sent to our lives to challenge and help awaken us so that we can become the best and achieve greatness.

Twin Flames

Apart from having many things in common with soulmates, twin flame can be like a soulmate. However, this has to be at a more advanced level. It’s believed that twin flames are made of the same soul and are only separated into two during creation. In fact, most people believe that twin flames are two souls that can be united to make one whole. However, when split, each become its own soul. The high purpose of twin flames is to create higher consciousness and vibration through ascending together.

How soulmate and twin flames differ

  • · Although it’s easy to confuse a soulmate relationship, it’s not possible the other way round. A twin mate relationship cannot be a soul mate. While soul mates can run from each other during their relationship, this is not possible among twin flames.
  • · Soul mates usually come to your life so as to guide you to your twin flame. Although you might connect deeply with your soul mate, you will not share the same level of energy. However, since you originally had one soul, you also have the same energy.
  • · Twin flames usually connect together for a higher purpose than just having sex. In a twin flame connection, sex is not very important. The divine purpose of such a relationship goes beyond the physical contact. On the contrary, soul mate relationship has a lot of focus on the sexual component.
  • · Unlike twin flames, a soul mate is actually meant to help you discover yourself and be happy in whatever you are doing. While you can meet your soul mate regularly in life, you might not meet your twin flame until you’ve lived enough and experienced a lot.
  • · In twin fame relationship, there are no worries or insecurities since the relationship is not born out of fear but love. Even when you are separated, there is faith in the innate connection that brings peace. When soul mates separate, the one left behind might feel abandoned or feel that their partner might not return.
  • · Soul mates are not pain-free. They are meant for spiritual and personal growth. However, to grow, you might have to go through a lot of pain. On the other hand, a twin flame is just a relationship between two old souls who have already attained growth.
  • · Almost all soul mate relationships pass through some period of separation. Twin flames have already addressed these issues hence must now grow through their relationship.
  • · When joined together, twin flames will easily recognize the union between them. In the soul mate, only one of them may believe in the connection.
  • · Once twin flame comes into play, it’s very hard to end it because you are brought together by divine plan and purpose. However, a soul mate relationship can break due to a number of reasons.

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Since both twin flames and soul mates are experienced on body, soul and mind level, there are no real rules with this. The ultimate way to know the differences between twin flames and soul mate is to understand what feels right for you and follow your own intuition. Also, as long as you feel good, it doesn’t matter what relationship you are in.

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