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Are Psychics Real?

The answer to this question is subjective. If you are a person who has psychic abilities and you are offering your services to genuinely help people, the answer is that yes, psychics do work. For a person looking for help from a psychic, you hope that the psychic works, so that you can get the insights you seek.


Many people are curious about what psychics have to offer, but are skeptical. It is natural to have doubts about any person who claims that they can talk to those who have passed on who or can see images pertaining to future events. There is no way to prove scientifically that people have these abilities, and there is no way to prove that they do not.

There are different types of psychics. Some you want to avoid, and others are those who you want to consider if you are serious about consulting with a psychic. World-renowned psychics command hundreds of dollars per hour and book their sessions many months in advance.

There are also psychics who offer their services via website platforms or telephone services. They charge a few dollars per minute for their insights. Most companies that employ such psychics offer refunds if you are dissatisfied with your reading or they offer free sample readings to allow you time to decide if you wish to have a reading done by a particular individual.

How to find a real psychic

oracle-cards-242767_640You can determine if a particular psychic is worthwhile by reading the reviews or comments they have received from previous clients. It is up to the individual who sits with a psychic for a reading to determine for his or her own self whether or not the psychic is accurate. Most professional psychics make the disclaimer that they offer their services for entertainment purposes only.

If any psychic boasts a guarantee of a healing or a reunion with a lost loved one, do your best to look for someone more reputable. No professional psychic worth his or her while would ever claim to be able to guarantee a healing or to make a diagnosis of an illness. Reuniting with a lost loved one is also something that the most brokenhearted individual must come to deal with in time.

Do the best you can to sit with someone who is experienced and has a good reputation. Whether or not the psychic you ultimately choose works for you depends on several things. You want to have an open mind. Do not approach the reading in order to test the psychic to see how many things she can get wrong about your marriage or your job.

My Advice

Try to find psychics who have an ability to offer clear, understandable guidance together with accurate or detailed information pertaining to their client’s issues. Look for psychics who also do not require a lot of information prior to giving you your reading. For those who believe that psychics work, no explanation is needed. For those who doubt, however, no explanation is possible.Also, try to ask the right questions.

Questions to ask a psychic during a free reading

Talking with a psychic can help you resolve your problems or get a better idea of what the future has in store for you. Psychic consultation can get pretty expensive, especially if you want to ask some very precise questions or would like to consult with a very successful psychic. Did you know that you could ask some questions to psychics for free?

How to get in touch with psychics

fortune-telling-239176_640A lot of psychics now use the Internet to get in touch with their clients. You can consult with a psychic via chat, emails, webcam or over the phone if you do not want to meet someone in person. Using the Internet to find a good psychic will actually give you access to a much wider selection of talents and prices. You should be able to find someone with affordable rates and good results if you take the time to do some research about different psychics.
Some psychics will give you the possibility of asking them one question for free. The will only respond to the question you asked but will tell you more if you decide to pay for an entire consultation. Offering free questions is a good way for psychics to find new clients and give them an idea of how talented they are.

How to know which site is trustworthy

You should look around on the Internet to find a few psychics who allow you to send them free questions. Keep in mind that you usually have to share your contact information so the psychic can get in touch with you to give you the answer. You should however never share your payment information when you request an answer to a free questions. A site that requires you to enter your payment information to send a free question is definitely not reliable.
Don’t hesitate to send your question to more than one psychic. Getting answers from several psychics will help you get a better idea of what to expect and will improve your chances of finding a solution to the problem you are facing. This could also be a good way to find out which psychics can provide you with helpful answers and which ones are not as talented.

How to ask the right questions

Think about your free question carefully. You will be able to ask only one question for free so you need to make it count. Try thinking of a question that would help you while allowing you to get an idea of which psychics are actually helpful and talented. When sending your free question, provide psychics with as many details as possible. Keep in mind that psychics usually get best results once they get to know you a little. You should provide tell them about your current situation and explain why the problem you are facing is bothering you.

It is possible to ask a free question to the psychics who offer this service. Take the time to visit the websites of different psychics to see if they offer a free question. Think of your question carefully before sending it and be careful not to share your payment information until you decide to pay for a full consultation. Keep in mind: Psychics DO work and they CAN help you ?

How to get absolutely free psychic readings!

Getting a psychic reading can be a great way to find the answers to the problems you are facing. A psychic can give you some useful advice, help you figure out a difficult situation or simply give you an idea of what you should expect in your future. Did you know that you could get absolutely free readings?
Some psychics offer free reading so they can find more clients. Most psychics will only respond to one question for free or will grant you a few minutes of their time. Remember that free readings are a tool psychics use to get more clients interested in their services, so do not expect to talk with a psychic for more than a few minutes if you do not want to pay.

A couple of things to keep in mind

  • Getting free readings is an excellent way to find a psychic who is really talented. There are many psychics offering their services but some of them can make better readings than others. Asking a question for free will allow you to get a better idea of how accurate a psychics’ readings can be and of how helpful their advice is.
  • Think of your question carefully. You will be able to ask only one question for free so it is best to make it count. Take the time to think about the issues you are facing and formulate the ideal question before contacting psychics who offer free readings.
  • Don’t hesitate to contact more than one psychic. Getting free readings from different professionals is a good way to compare the answers they will provide you with. Try finding someone who can come up with some concrete answers and some useful advice instead of a psychic who sends you a vague answer and encourages you to pay for an entire consultation to learn more.
  • Paying for a consultation with a psychic really is the best way to get detailed answers to your questions. You will get an opportunity to present your problems in details and ask your psychic more questions. The free consultation is a great way to find a good psychic who provides you with real answer and advice before you decide to spend your money on a complete consultation.
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Be careful not to share any personal payment information when you send a free question to a psychic. You should only share your contact information so they an get back in touch with you. Read the terms and conditions carefully to make sure you are not entering a contract by sending your free question. You should also look up reviews for different psychics you are interested in. Do not send a free question to a psychic who has a bad reputation or who requires you to enter your payment information. Here is a list of common psychic scams.

Take the time to learn more about different psychics before you send free questions. Look for reviews and try finding a reliable site where you will be able to send a completely free question without sharing your payment information. Send your free question to different professionals so you can compare their answers.

Are there famous psychic readers?

While i pride myself to be one of the best psychic readers, there are some colleagues who went on to be famous. Sometimes for good reasons, sometimes because of great marketing skills. In this article, i’m going to take a closer look at the best in the field!

1. John Edward: This American Psychic medium has accumulated quite a following of believers. He is very accurate in his psychic readings with messages from beyond, and detailed descriptions of what he sees.

2. Helen Duncan: Born in Scotland in 1898, this psychic medium would hold sﻯances in the homes of others or spiritual churches and would conjure the physical manifestation of loved ones. On 2 separate occasions she was able to bring the spirit of a man serving in the Royal Navy. Those attending the sﻯance did not know the man had passed on. Hours later the news of the ships sinking would be heard. In 1933 she was accused of faking, she was found guilty of fraud and paid a fine of £10. This did not deter her and she continued to hold sﻯances until 1944 when one of the sessions was raided. A police officer tried to grab the ectoplasm emanating from her body, claiming it was nothing but a sheet.

He found he could not hold onto the substance and even though there was no evidence Helen and three others were charged with conspiracy. She was eventually charged with vagrancy, conspiracy, and the witchcraft act of 1735. Many people took the stand telling of how accurate Helen’s gifts were. She was sentenced to 9 months in jail. Helen was taken ill when the police raided her sﻯance in 1956. She never recovered and died 5 weeks later in Scotland with her family.

3. Lucy Hale: This psychic reader lived in Oxfordshire England and attended Spiritual Churches in the area. She worked for over 40 years as a psychic medium, until she was well into her 80’s. Lucy carried on some of her church work until she fell ill and passed away after a short stay in the hospital in 1994.

4. Jose’ Arigo: This psychic healer was born in Brazil in 1918 and first found he could heal when he was confronted with the immanent death of a relative, he stood nearby as last rites were being read. Working quickly, Jose’ took a knife from the kitchen and removed a large tumor from the woman. News of the miracle spread quickly and he soon began seeing and treating many people. He claimed that a German doctor, who had passed over, would take over his body and perform the cures. In 1956 he was arrested for practicing medicine illegally. He is credited with performing surgery using any instrument he had on hand, with great success.

5. Daniel Dunglas Home: This physical medium was born in Edinburgh, Scotland in March of 1833. In 1842 he moved with his family to America, and went to stay with his Aunt after losing his mother in 1850. Strange things began happening after the teenager came to live there. Nonexplicable noises were heard in the house and furniture moved of it’s own accord. His aunt enlisted the help of ministers to rid him of this curse, instead they informed him he had been given a gift from God to do his work. He began holding sﻯances in the middle of the day to dissuade skeptics. At these sﻯances, knocking noises were heard, the table would vibrate, rise from the floor, or tilt.

Other unusual phenomena such as levitating furniture and people, musical instruments that materialized and played by themselves, and hands that would appear out of nowhere and begin to write on pieces of paper were evident. Home retired from psychic work in 1873, and died of tuberculosis in 1886.

I hope you have enjoyed this list of the best and most famous psychics! Please come back for more ?

How can the Tarot be used for psychic readings?

Using the Tarot as a tool in psychic reading, is a way to point out the strengths of the person being read. Many times the Tarot will suggest that there is a way out of a bad situation, or that a potentially good or bad situation is on the horizon and we should be prepared to handle it. While the Tarot is about finding a balance in our lives, a psychic reader can obtain impressions about the person they are reading for by focusing on the cards and receiving information from the other side.

The 9 of Swords- indicates worry or a large concern. This is not necessarily an outside problem, but can also indicate a fear in ourselves that we need to handle. It is all about the worry we carry with us about our family, jobs, crime etc…. Remember this card is not about a problem that you are having, it is about you worrying about a problem that might come up. The 9 of swords tells us that we have the strength to overcome worry and it is something we need to do. What we dwell on and think about most, we draw closer to us. If we continue to dwell on the bad our lives will be filled with problems, I think we would all do better to dwell upon the good things we have or would like to bring into our lives.

It helps to visualize on a goal to bring good things into our lives. If you are working on having more money you could focus on the 6 of Pentacles for a few minutes every day and note how things will begin to turn around for you.

Strength is a card of courage and gaining it through love and compassion. A knowledge that all things are made stronger through acceptance and love. Courage means many things to many people. It can range from racing into a burning building to rescue someone, or simply getting dressed and taking a walk when you are so depressed you just want to stay in bed. Both of these things take the same amount of courage in the situation at hand. Strength tells us we should do the best we can to bring a balance to our lives.

The 10 of Swords is the most troublesome in the Tarot deck. This indicates that you are at the lowest point in your life. Yet a spark of good is to be seen because the appearance of this card in a psychic reading means that whatever horrible thing you have experienced is now over. You are now able to begin the journey back to where you want to be. The suit of swords in itself, depicts intelligence and the ability to think clearly. This means by using your intellect, you will be able to pull yourself out of a bad situation.

The 9 of Pentacles
depicts a woman who enjoys solitude, loves to take walks and loves animals. The beauty of nature keeps her centered and balanced. She is intelligent and her finances are stable because she is smart in all financial undertakings. This could come from a successful career choice or an inheritance that she has invested wisely. Her life is balanced and she is successful because of hard work and carefully planned goals.

The 9 of Coins
is also a lady with money and health. She is blessed with good fortune in the physical. She is alone because she works long hours and there is no time to develop relationships. She is an animal lover and enjoys the company of more than one pet. She is confident, intelligent, and if she decides she wants to develop relationships, friendly or romantic, she can attract others with no problem. She is in no rush down the aisle or to cultivate relationships.

The Tower is a warning that can bring good fortune in the long run. This card is a warning to see clearly the bad situation before you and act upon it to lessen chaotic effects. It is warning you to let go of the denial you have been harboring and build your life again, even if you must start from the beginning. Something must be torn down in order that it be built back up, stronger and better than before. To prevent a major catastrophe, you must restructure a large part of your life.

The Tarot is a powerful divination tool and can help you to see where your life is headed and the best path to take you there.

Let a higher Source Help & Guide you!

Psychic readings can be anything from a tarot reading to a rune casting to astrology. A psychic reading can also be done without any divination tools. Basically, a psychic reading is when the reader tells a person, called the querent, the answers to their questions. The psychic reader uses their intuition to give the querent details and information.

It can be difficult to find the right guide!

Choosing a psychic reader can be difficult. There are many people who fake having psychic abilities. They tell people what they want to hear or use other tactics to give the querent answers. One of the best ways to find a psychic reader is through referrals. When a person gets a referral from a friend or relative they can usually trust that the psychic is worth going to. For someone who does not know much about how psychic reading work it can be difficult to tell the fake ones from the real ones.

    • A big aspect of finding a good psychic reader is that the reader and the querent need to be able to establish a good connection. The psychic connection between the client and the reader allows the reader to open up and receive messages to give the querent. Usually a reader will know right away if they can or can not connect. If a person gets a reader that says they cannot read for them, then this is usually the case. They are not being rude, they just know they can not help you because they can not establish the connection. As a querent, the best way to tell if there is a connection is based upon the gut feeling. A querent should feel comfortable and at ease with the reader. Any hesitation or uneasiness will throw off the reading.
    • Once a person finds a reader they need to be able to clear their mind and focus on the situation at hand. They should have a good idea of what they want to know before starting their reading. They should be clear about their feelings in a given situation. It helps because the reader can then connect to these thoughts and feelings in order to get the answers. Many times a reader will want to hold hands or have everyone close their eyes, this is mainly to help the querent stay focused. Sometimes the reader will try to set a calm and mellow mood by using candle light and burning incense.
    • During the reading the reader may use tools like tarot cards, runes or even a crystal ball. These tools are just an aid for the reader and can also be helpful to the querent. A querent who is even slightly skeptical can then se by the tools that the reader is not just saying things out of thin air. The tools serve as a guide and can help clarify messages the reader may be getting


A psychic reader can help a querent, but they can not tell them with 100% certainty that something will or will not happen. No psychic reading is positive. The future is not written in stone and as such, nobody can tell anyone else their exact future. Psychic readers can tell a person what may happen based upon their current situation. Any changes in the querent situation and their future may be altered.

A psychic reader is like a guide to the psychic realm. Some people are more prone or find it easier to communicate with those who have passed over, angels or higher beings. These people, psychic readers, work to help others try to make the most of their lives and try to help them get clarity when needed in tough situations.

Psychic Readings Online: What You Need to Know!

There are individuals offering psychic readings over the Internet. Some are genuine, but unfortunately, some are only interested in making a quick buck. When your only communications with the individual are online, it is hard to figure out who is the real deal and who is a scam artist. There are a few helpful pieces of information that can help you find an authentic reader, however.

Working with a company vs a freelance Psychic

First, look to see whether the reader is operating on their own or in conjunction with a company. Do not assume that simply because a person is with a company that they must be real. It is surprisingly easy to fake an entire company, just like a psychic reader can fake their individual credentials. Still, if the reader is with a company, research it well to see if there is any information out there on it. You may be able to pull up user reviews or determine whether the company has a refund process. You can also do the appropriate research on an individual as well.

If you are considering working with an individual, ask the person for references. If they are legitimate, they should have no problem giving you a few names of clients that are pleased with their services. If they can’t do this, that should be a huge red flag.

If you are thinking of going with a company instead, inquire as to how they hire their workers. Do they have a testing process to help determine the legitimacy of their psychic readers? If not, you want to look elsewhere. In addition, as was mentioned before, ask about the refund policy. Make sure you keep a record of any readings that you have. This information could come in handy if you feel a refund is owed to you.

How psychic readings work in the online world

When you receive an online reading, it will probably take place either through email or through a chat room. Chats rooms are nice because you can communicate in real time with the reader. It almost mimics an in-person situation. As the reading is happening, the client can ask for more information or mention anything that is puzzling them. Email readings also have their benefits. You don’t have to schedule a specific time; you simply open up your email and the reading is there. If you have a question, you can send a follow-up email. It is very low key for both the client and the reader.

Benefits of chat readings

There are a number of benefits to getting an online reading instead of a phone reading. First, it is much less expensive. You simply pay for a particular amount of time. Usually, the amount owe is less than a hundred dollars for a chat room reading and approximately half that for an email reading. In addition, there are a lot of Internet readers out there. They are available twenty four hours a day. Still, you must be aware that the potential to get scammed is very real. If your reader is does not have a refund policy or is very vague, you should be on guard. In addition, if you have trouble finding contact information or do not receive any references, you should look elsewhere.


Online psychic readings are nice because you can get the information that you need whenever you need it. You are also much more likely to do the research necessary to ensure that the reader is not a scam artist. A number of clients also indicate that they like online readings better than phone readings because the quality is better; they are happier in general with the information they receive. If you want a psychic reading, you should consider getting it over the Internet.

Different Psychic Reading Types

When contacting a psychic, the different readings they offer can seem overwhelming. Learning each type of reading’s basics can make your upcoming psychic reading session a more enjoyable experience.

What’s in your Cards?

Tarot card readings are very popular psychic readings. At one of these card readings, the psychics ask for your energy to be focused into their cards. Then, they choose the cards. The cards that they choose, along with their positions in your session, affects the reading. Modern card readings most of the modern psychic readers now use usually involve 22 of the major arcane cards, along with 55 of the minor arcane cards.

When do your stars align?

Astrology readings involve the psychics using your birthday to tell you which direction your own life is going to go. This reading develops predictions from star and planet placements. There are many different kinds of astrology these astrologists can use for their readings. Some astrology examples include Western, Indian, and Chinese.

The magic power of numbers…

Numerology is a similar psychic reading focusing on birth dates. Your psychic uses numbers that are related to that significant date to find the number that your personality is associated with. For instance, someone with seven as their number is under Neptune’s control. As for their character, they will have an idealistic nature.

May I read your fate line?

Palm readings are also popular psychic readings. These psychics look at palms to provide information about a client’s unique personality. They use details like the lines that run along their hands, their hand’s shape, and their fingers to provide accurate readings with plenty of life information. These lines along the hand provide many insights into the personality of their client. The can also be used to provide details about their future and destiny. Their life line provides information about their life’s length, the heart lines provides some clues about their love life, and their head line gives them information into their client’s personality type. There are other lines on the hands that are important, too. These include the fame line, fate line, sex line, marriage line, travel line, luck line, money line, and spirit line. Palm readers have the ability to read some special markings that are in these lines on the hands, and they can figure out what the depths and lengths of these lines actually mean in regards to your life.

Casting Runes – An Ancient Tradition!

There are also extra services some psychics offer known as rune readings. Runes have existed for several thousand years and they have shown some mystical characteristics. These readings usually involve 24 runes that are prepared within a spread. The spreads vary quite a lot. They all include the traditional rune spread. A traditional spread consists of runes depicting the present, the past, and the future. The rune materials affect the readings, as well. Stone, gold, wood, and ceramic runes can be used for answering different questions in life.

Your aura is glowing!

Aura readings are another type of reading that a psychic can conduct. These readings involve the psychic providing an interpretation of a person’s aura. Auras are the color outlines that emanate from a person’s physical being. Each person has a different one. They can also vary in size, shape, and color. Psychics can sense or see people’s auras, and then they interpret them.


If you wish to find some specific insight or advice, you need to see a psychic with an emphasis on a single or a couple specialties. Some readings need to be done in person, but many of them can be long-distance readings. These are readings that can be done online or over the phone. No matter which psychic reading is chosen, you can now marvel at the details and insights of your life that the psychic can provide you with.

Finding A Good Fortune Teller Online: A Checklist!

Did you know you could ask questions to fortune tellers over the Internet? If there are no psychics in your area or if you want to talk to professionals who use different methods, you should look for a good online psychic. There are many psychics who work online but you need to do some research to select a reliable one.

  • First of all, you need to be able to trust your fortune teller with your payment information. You should know that some fortune telling websites are actually a front for scammers stealing credit card numbers or even for identity thieves. Do not share your personal information unless you are sure the website you found is trustworthy.
  • You can recognize a trustworthy fortune teller online service by its URL. A secure site should have HTTPS in its URL instead of HTTP. You should also see a security certificate on the homepage. If you do not see anything about a security certificate or cannot find any information about how your payment information will be kept secure, you should look for another website.
  • You should also check online reviews published on other sites. Make sure the reviews you find are not affiliated with any fortune teller online services. If you find any links to a fortune teller website in the review you are ready, it might not be unbiased. Try finding as many reviews as possible before you select your psychic.
  • Select your psychic in function of the experience they have. You will get a more accurate reading if you choose a psychic who has been practicing for many years. Usually, the best psychics have their own websites while beginners work through psychic services that let you choose from a variety of professionals. A good psychic should have some details about the methods they have studied and practices with on their website.
  • Be wary of psychics who mostly rely on their raw talents to make predictions. Some psychics attract clients by telling them about their incredible experiences. Talent is necessary to make a good psychic but real professionals work hard to learn about methods such as tarot, numerology or horoscopes. A psychic who took the time to study these different methods will give you more useful answers.

Preparing for a session

    • You should approach psychics with reasonable expectations. Do not expect a psychics to solve all your problems or tell you everything about your future. Your future is not set in stone and psychics can give you answers in function of the important things they can see in your future. Their predictions might not turn out to be true if you decide to make changes to your life after hearing predictions from a psychic.
    • If you have any specific questions you want to ask, make a list so you do not forget anything. You could for instance ask questions about your relationship if you want to know how things will turn out between you and your significant other. If you are single, ask your psychic when you will meet your soul mate. Your psychic might be able to give you some useful tips on how to spot someone who would be compatible with you.
    • You can send free questions to fortune teller online services or get a short free consultation. This is a great way to see how good a psychic is. You could for instance send free questions to a few different psychics so you can compare the answers and choose the best psychic. Think of your questions carefully and provide the psychic with any relevant information so they can provide you with a useful answer.
    • Approach your consultation with a psychic as a way of learning more about yourself. Getting your horoscope or talking with a psychic would be a great way to learn more about your personality traits. This could help you understand your moods and find out which people are compatible with you. Learning new things about you is always fun but this information could actually help you become a better person


If you have never talked to a psychic before, do some research so you can find a great online fortune teller. Ask specific questions if you need help with a problem you are encountering or let your psychic give you some general information to better understand the person you are. Make sure you use a reliable website and do not volunteer too much personal information if you are not comfortable. Do not choose the most affordable psychic you can find if you do not get the impression a psychic is reliable. Check reviews, look for reliable websites and try sending a free question to see how good a psychic is. You should also do more research on the methods used by psychics so you can get a better understanding of how the readings and predictions are made.

How To Get A Free Numerology Reading!

Are you interested in numerology? If you have never been to a psychic before or are simply curious about numerology, you should get a free numerology reading. Most psychics offer short sessions for free to attract new clients and show off their skills. This could be a great way to learn more about numerology while having fun.

  • You can either meet with a psychic who practices in your area or get a free reading from a professional who works online. Meeting with a psychic in person is a very unique experience but you will have more professionals to choose from if you decide to get a reading from an online psychic.
    Contact different psychics in your area to see if they offer free readings. Don’t expect to get an entire session for free. Psychics have to make a living but they sometimes offer short free consultations to find new clients. Don’t hesitate to come back for a full session if you are happy with the free reading you got.
  • Online psychics also offer free numerology readings so clients can see a sample of their work. If you are satisfied with the free reading you get, you can decide to spend money on an entire phone conversation. Some psychics even offer consultations over webcams.
    Do some research on the psychics you are interested in before you ask for a free reading. Make sure they have a lot of experience and good reviews. Psychics who lack experience or use unethical methods might offer free readings as a way of attracting people in spite of their bad reviews. Be very careful if you send a question to an online psychic. You should not have to provide any kind of payment information to get a free reading. Do some background research to find out who owns the domain name and for how long the psychic’s website has been around.
  • Numerology can be used to learn more about yourself but also to make predictions about the future. A psychic can for instance use a significant number such as your birth date to determine what kind of personality you have. Psychics who specialize in numerology can ask you to draw numbers and make predictions about your future based on the numbers you chose. Try finding a psychic who has an excellent understanding of numerology. This art is quite complex and it takes years of studying to fully understand it. Talk to different psychics and find out more about the experience they have. You will get a more accurate reading if you can find a psychic who has been studying and practicing numerology for many years.

Have realistic expectations about your free reading

Most psychics will give you a limited amount of their time for free. You can for instance find Internet psychics who offer to answer only one specific question for free. Think about your question carefully since you will only get to ask one question. If you have scheduled a free appointment with a local psychic, prepare your questions in advance.

You should do some research about numerology to get more realistic expectations about the kind of answers a psychic can give you thanks to a free numerology reading. Keep in mind that the future is not set. Knowing about the future or deciding to make some changes to your life can impact what will happen. This means that the predictions a psychic makes might not come true.

What can you learn from a numerology reading?

A very basic reading can actually tell you a lot about your personality. Your birth date can be used to calculate your number and personality traits are attributed to each number. This could be a great way to learn more about yourself, understand your moods and perhaps find out which people you are compatible with.

Numerology can also be used to make some predictions. If you don’t have any specific questions, let your psychic tell you the things they can easily find since they should be able to spot major events that will happen in your future. You could also ask about your career. This would be very helpful if you are currently looking for a job or are wondering if it is time to ask for a promotion. You could also ask about your love life. A psychic could tell you when you will finally meet your soul mate or answer questions about your current relationship. Do some research about numerology to get a better idea of what to expect from your free reading. You should contact different psychics to ask about free readings or numerology. Choose your psychic carefully since the quality of the reading your get will depend on how good your psychic is. Think of the questions you want to ask in advance so you do not waste any time during your free reading.

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