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What Questions to ask a Psychic ?

Asking a psychic the right questions, in the right way, goes a long way in helping you maximize the results. It also helps you establish if getting a reading is necessary. Despite being incredibly talented, psychics have different gifts. So, asking the rights questions also ensures you connect fast with your ideal reader. Below are common questions that you should ask your psychic and how to frame them;

1. Can you advise on (your crucial area)?
This question is good for two reasons; first, it is open-ended, and as such helps you get as many much information as possible on the issues and, second, it helps you find out if they are suited for your problem area. The reader can then ask you some questions before delivering their reading. In most cases psychics see specific points of your question, pick the main ones and advise you accordingly.

2. What changes should I make to improve on (an important area of your life)?
This question suits someone who is going through a difficulty and would like to change things for the better. However, even if everything is going on well in your life, the answers to this question can help you avoid unforeseen predicaments. Note that you should ask this question in such a way that it emphasizes on what you can do as opposed to what should inevitably expect. The answer you get from your reader will help you a great deal, so, note them down, and take steps to implement the recommendations.

3. Why is (an aspect of your life) going through a hard time?
Avoid the natural temptation to ask reassurance questions such as, Should I get a divorce? You should not form an opinion about your situation and then proceed to ask your reader for reassurance. Such a mindset is not ideal for psychic advice. So, instead, ask; why is my marriage suffering? Why are my financial fortunes dwindling? And so on. Questions starting with “Should I,” creates the impression of a resigned attitude, basically eradicating the chance for your psychic to assess the consequences of your actions.

4. How am I currently restricting or harming myself?
If you have limited time and would like to get to the core of your problem fast, this question is ideal. Sometimes failing to take action can lead to more problems. So, let the psychic point out to you that which you should do to overcome the obstacles you are facing. Follow the guideline dutifully, and you will remain ahead of the game. The question also suits someone who feels something is wrong but is unsure what it is or what they should do.
How to quickly build a relationship with the clairvoyant

Psychics differ, and as such, you should ensure you connect with one who best suits you. Additionally, to connect fast and honestly with your reader, talk openly. Depending on your issue, it is also important to be physically present because a psychic reading is an intimate experience that requires closeness and ample time. With these factors in place, a meaningful connection will develop in record time allowing you to forge properly for energy to coalesce.


After you start talking to an advisor, make deliberate efforts to remain on track to obtain solutions to your love, relationships, fortune, life problems or any other issue. Also, ask the above questions and avoid leading questions. Don’t ask for names, when or how something will happen. Most psychics don’t give specifics like that so frame your questions suitably.

Twin Flame vs Soul mate

Almost everyone moves through life with the hope that they’ll find their true love, the person who they are meant to spend their days with. Although some people believe that it’s possible to have more than one soul make, others are sure that you can only have one. In today’s culture, twin flames and soul mates have become very popular terms. It’s, therefore, important to know their differences.

What is a soulmate

As soul mate refers to someone whom you have a very important relationship with. This can be a lover, friend, or family member. Basically, it is anyone whom you feel attached with. A soul mate will not only help you evolve but also develop in life and your true self. They are sent to our lives to challenge and help awaken us so that we can become the best and achieve greatness.

Twin Flames

Apart from having many things in common with soulmates, twin flame can be like a soulmate. However, this has to be at a more advanced level. It’s believed that twin flames are made of the same soul and are only separated into two during creation. In fact, most people believe that twin flames are two souls that can be united to make one whole. However, when split, each become its own soul. The high purpose of twin flames is to create higher consciousness and vibration through ascending together.

How soulmate and twin flames differ

  • · Although it’s easy to confuse a soulmate relationship, it’s not possible the other way round. A twin mate relationship cannot be a soul mate. While soul mates can run from each other during their relationship, this is not possible among twin flames.
  • · Soul mates usually come to your life so as to guide you to your twin flame. Although you might connect deeply with your soul mate, you will not share the same level of energy. However, since you originally had one soul, you also have the same energy.
  • · Twin flames usually connect together for a higher purpose than just having sex. In a twin flame connection, sex is not very important. The divine purpose of such a relationship goes beyond the physical contact. On the contrary, soul mate relationship has a lot of focus on the sexual component.
  • · Unlike twin flames, a soul mate is actually meant to help you discover yourself and be happy in whatever you are doing. While you can meet your soul mate regularly in life, you might not meet your twin flame until you’ve lived enough and experienced a lot.
  • · In twin fame relationship, there are no worries or insecurities since the relationship is not born out of fear but love. Even when you are separated, there is faith in the innate connection that brings peace. When soul mates separate, the one left behind might feel abandoned or feel that their partner might not return.
  • · Soul mates are not pain-free. They are meant for spiritual and personal growth. However, to grow, you might have to go through a lot of pain. On the other hand, a twin flame is just a relationship between two old souls who have already attained growth.
  • · Almost all soul mate relationships pass through some period of separation. Twin flames have already addressed these issues hence must now grow through their relationship.
  • · When joined together, twin flames will easily recognize the union between them. In the soul mate, only one of them may believe in the connection.
  • · Once twin flame comes into play, it’s very hard to end it because you are brought together by divine plan and purpose. However, a soul mate relationship can break due to a number of reasons.

How can a psychic chat help you find love?

A psychic can help point your past issues and garbage. There could be a number of issues that might be hindering you from finding love. Once this is cleared, you are free to find love

A psychic can also help you learn some important lessons in life. If you haven’t learned these lessons finding love can be a bit tricky. By learning them you are free to move on and get your love.

They can also help you get that special person in your life. He can provide new ways for you to find your true love that you might not have known.


Since both twin flames and soul mates are experienced on body, soul and mind level, there are no real rules with this. The ultimate way to know the differences between twin flames and soul mate is to understand what feels right for you and follow your own intuition. Also, as long as you feel good, it doesn’t matter what relationship you are in.

How can a love psychic help you?

Love is certainly one of the most profound and complicated emotions that all of us have to deal with at one point or the other. Love can give plenty of joy, but can also trigger a lot of anguish if it isn’t right. So, how can you determine if you’ve stumbled across someone you can spend the rest of your life with in total bliss and harmony? Well, finding the right partner you can commit to, and trust is ordinarily very hard. However, a genuine love psychic reading can help you out.


What is a love psychic?

Essentially, a love psychic possesses similar talents and abilities as do other sorts of psychics. Still, they have a keener intuition in the field of love and private emotions. He can be able to offer answers whenever you feel confused in love. They can sense energy, in particular a potential lover’s energy. While also being in a position to precisely assess the exact level of chemistry between the both of you.


What tools does he use?

To render an accurate love psychic reading, an authentic love psychic can leverage on a variety of tools. In the first place, tarot cards are an extremely common tool preferred by these psychics and the numbers drawn often give a clear image of love. For example, drawing 2 of swords when reversed often infers to emotional obstacles or even trust issues in love relationships. Numerology is another important tool in this trade, and is basically the study of numbers in your life that helps in discerning its course. While, more importantly, in anticipating the challenges and joys you will encounter. A love psychic can use a crystal ball as well. This tool allows them to read images of your future and find the right answers to the specific queries you put forward.


What questions can you ask him?

When you fall in love, you’ll definitely wish to find out if the person is the right one for you. One sure way to identify a real love psychic is by avoiding manifesting any emotions or drastic reactions to what they say or do. If he remarks something that is spot-on, never gasp or overreact. A scam psychic can give you a false love psychic reading if you lead them on with the inflection of your voice, gestures and open emotions.


Alternatively, a real professional won’t have to observe your behavior or reactions to offer a precise reading. He will already know exactly what you are going through. The briefer and direct your queries are, the more an authentic psychic can assist you. So, always be very concise. Stay on your preferred love subject and avoid rambling about other aspects of your life like family or work. The real love psychic will stay on topic at all times, and provide a meaningful reading.

How can he help you find your soulmate?

A genuine love psychic will be well conversant with working on what are known as ‘blocks.’ These are simply stumbling blocks, which can hold you back from giving all of your heart to a potential partner. He can also furnish you with a healthy approach in your new love relationship, and enable you to discover negative patterns that can lead to a wrong love.



An accurate love psychic reading is what you need to get the answers you desperately need if you are frustrated in love. By paying heed to the few tips outlined here, you can find a true love psychic to help you out.

Psychic Jennywithlove

Jennywithlove is a relationship expert who also specializes in various other life issues and expertise areas. Just as her name suggests, Jennywithlove is a benevolent lady who loves meeting new people. Jenny has worked with several clients over the years and her skills are evident on the oranum platform. Her skills have attracted exceptional ratings and reviews from almost every client that she has worked with on the site. She combines various skills and techniques to provide clients with meaningful information for improving their quality of life. She has had an affinity for this type talent ever since she was little and has since then honed her skills to become a top service provider.

She has helped several clients and this can be clearly seen on her user profile. The best thing about Jenny is that she is readily available and you can easily gain access to her services through direct messaging. Jennywithlove might specialize in relationship issues but she is also talent in handling various other issues. She has accumulated a total of 36 ratings with most of them being positive reviews. Jenny also has an outgoing personality and she is available for private sessions as well.

Psychic Bernadett81

Bernadette is a friendly and lovely woman who will provide you with to psychic services. She has specialized in many categories and has amassed a significant amount of experience over the years. In particular, she works on any type of life complication and she provide meaningful insight. Some of the main area of specialization including psychic powers, relationship issues, business problem, health issues and more. She is available for private sessions and with fast turnarounds for her clients.

Bernadette works to ensure that all her clients are satisfied and she is also highly professional. Best of all, she is also competent in understanding various types of languages. Her area of specialization covers more than one area including psychic powers and relationship complications. Bernadette is able to combine her imm Her profile also contains lots of meaningful information that clients can use to learn more about her services. She has received several positive reviews in the past and she also has lot of experience with healing skills. While she has received a total of 27 reviews on the site, she is highly experienced and will provide valuable insight for your needs. Bernadette has also worked with several clients which makes her ideal for instant results.

Psychic inspirebymee

Inspired me is a 3rd generation and naturally born psychic. She became aware of psychic abilities at a very tender age and she has been honing them ever since. Over the years, she has customized various skills including numerology, reiki healing, astrology and more. To be specific, she specializes in providing motivational advice and information to her clients. She uses information from numerology, astrology and various other types of esoteric knowledge to provide clients with meaningful knowledge.

She combines these techniques to provide clear and concise information for her clients. To top it all of, inspirebyme has worked with several different clients over the years. In this way, she has been able to customize her techniques to provide her clients with the best value each time. She is friendly and open, which makes her perfect for novice visitors on the site.

Having accumulated a total of 91 positive ratings on the site, Inspirebme is the perfect suggestion for any complication your may have. Visit her profile to see the exceptional reviews and ratings she has received over during her work experience at the site. Her user profile is also well organized with a good introductory video that details her repertoire of services.

Psychic SpirtualPsy

Spirituality is a psychic by profession. She has garnered a total of 55 ratings on the site with most of them being positive reviews. Being a top rated psychic, she has tested and proved various psychological approaches. As a result, she is the perfect solution for managing your social issue. Spiritualpsy also leads a holistic lifestyle and she has an excellent energy about her.

Being a spiritual individual, she has esoteric knowledge that will help you to introduce drastic changes to your life She is charismatic and friendly at the same time, which makes up for an interesting experience each time. In addition, spirituality is highly intuitive and she provides top-notch information each time you get in contact with her She is competent in handling relationship, personal, business and any type of social issues. In addition, she also allows for private sessions and with exceptional turnaround times. Her is user profile contains all the relevant information that you may need to make informed choices. It is well structured and we can see that she has gathered several excellent ratings from her previous clients. You can also gain access to her services through direct message and she provides instant responses each time.

Psychic Pedia

Pedia is also a highly experienced and competent psychic. His area of specialization is dream analysis, where he uses special techniques to analyze your dreams. Dreams contain lots of information about the inner mind and she uses this to provide reliable information for your needs. SHe analyzes your dreams to provide you with information about your subconscious and solutions to your complications in life. Furthermore, Pedia also specializes in various other areas including life coaching and relationship issues.

She has received a total of 83 ratings on the oranumplatform with most of them being positive reviews. Further lending to her exceptional skills is that she has done well to customize her user profile. This includes the reviews she has received from client and she also goes in depth about her skills. In addition, she is also benevolent and professional, which makes her the perfect solution for handling your life complications. sHe analyzes dreams with precise results and fast turnaround times for you to make the appropriate adjustments. She has an open and friendly personality, which makes up for an exciting experience with her each time.

Psychic Loveexpert01

Loveexpert01 is also a social and relationship expert. He is a psychic with 8th generation skills, and he will definitely help to make an impact on your life. His predictions are accurate, and he often provides fast turnaround times. Some of his main areas of specialization include career help, business assistance, and relationship problems. To be specific, lover expert also specializes in handling relationship and personal issues. He has worked with hundreds of client in the past, and his exceptional skills are already showing on the Oranum platform. He is skilled, and his intuition capabilities are exceptional especially when it comes to relationship management issues.

He uses whatever little information that you provide to him to come up with meaningful solutions and advice. Having worked with various clients all over the world, love expert knows what it takes to address relationship issues. His advise is clear, concise and straight to the point. He also has calm demeanor about him and he has also received a total of 77 ratings on the site. Most of the ratings and reviews about his services have been exceptional. He is also friendly and you can get in contact with him through direct message.

Psychic Sensei

Sensei is also another top psychic on the site. He has received an average of 53 reviews on the oranum platform with most of them being positive remarks. Sensei is a friendly and professional expert who specializes in various aspects. For instance, he is an expert in handling relationship, finance, life and spiritual complications. Sensei is a natural leader, and you can immediately feel his charisma the moment you start interacting with him. He specializes in providing life coaching advice and has worked with several clients over the years. Also, he has garnered various top ratings on the oranum platform and with top-notch professionalism levels.

You can get in contact with him through private message and learn more about his skills on his profile. He uses special techniques and his immense experience to determine the complications that affect your quality of life. Having worked with several clients over the years, nothing is new to sensei. He is quick, straightforward and honest. His charming and delightful personality will make them an excellent solution for managing your life complications. Best of all, he has also done well to customize his user profile with meaningful information about his skills and their benefits.

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